Japan warehouse fees

Forwarding service fee
Package final weight (kg) Fee (JPY)/kg
0.01kg~10kg 50 JPY/kg
10.01kg~20kg 100 JPY/kg
20.01kg~ 150 JPY/kg
For example: Service fee for a package weighing 11.11 kg= 11.11*100 yen= 1,111 JPY. It’s not including international shipping fee.
Special handling
Options Charges (JPY) Description
Removing packaging/ outer boxes 100 JPY/ package Removing unwanted packaging materials to reduce size and weight.
Item inspection / Take photos 300 JPY/ package Presenting 6 photos from all sides of an item.
Teapot leaking test 300 JPY/ package The method for examine leakage are by filling up the teapot and place a paper towel under it for inspection. The inspection period will be 24 hours.
*Please kindly contact our customer service team for additional requirements that are not listed.
Storage fee
  1. Transbang stores packages free of charge for a period of 60 days from the date of recieval from merchants to Transbang warehouse.

    Each item is charged for 50 JPY each day, starting from day 61.

  2. After receiving a payment notification, it should be paid within 14 days.

    Each item in the payment notification is charged 50 JPY each day, starting from day 15.

  3. The maximum storage time for each package is 120 days since the date of recieval from merchants to Transbang warehouse. After 120 days of storage, the goods will be deemed abandoned and thus may be disposed of without incurring any liability to the customer or Transbang or any other party.

Package consolidation
Box Type # Dimension (L*W*H) (cm) Weight (kg) Carton Cost (JPY)
#150 25*20*15.5 0.29 150 JPY
#200 35*26.5*20.5 0.47 200 JPY
#300 44*33*31 0.84 300 JPY
#400 44*36*47 1.06 400 JPY
#500 58*43*46 1.86 500 JPY
#700 65*50*49 2.44 700 JPY
#1000 50*65*70 2.7 1000 JPY
No extra service fees will be charged if one package contains less than 20 items. Starting from the 21st item, an additional 100 JPY will be charged for each item.
Packing goods/ Alcohol liquor with reinforcement
Box Type # Charge for General Goods (JPY) Charge for Wine Products (JPY)
#150 200 JPY Not available
#200 400 JPY
#300 600 JPY 600 JPY(1 to 2 bottles)
#400 800 JPY 800 JPY(1 to 2 bottles)
#500 1000 JPY 1500 (1 to 6 bottles)

Starting from the 7th bottle, an additional 100 JPY will be charged for each bottle.

#700 1200 JPY
#1000 1800 JPY

1. Alcohol liquor are inapplicable to "Single package express service". It's mandatory to pack them with protective materials to provide stronger protection.

2. Each wine bottle will be charged 300 JPY for special handling fee.

3. For example: 7 bottles of wine packed in a #500 box, the total charge is 4200 JPY.

Box fee 500
Wine handling fee 2100
Packing fee 1500
7th bottle extra fee 100

Total 4200
Other charges (by case)
Option Charge (JPY)
Package Separation: Packing items into multiple boxes 100 JPY/per box
100 JPY to separate packages into two boxes; 200 JPY to separate into three; 300 JPY into four, and so on.
Sending packages domestically (Japan local address) 400 JPY/per package
Returning packages to the seller 400 JPY/per package
Requesting for repacking/ Change delivery method When repacking or change delivery method requirements come in after packages are packed and sealed, each box will be charged 1000 JPY.
Charges for heavy items
  • If the average weight for a single item is more than 10 kg in a package when it arrives, it will be charged according to the table below:
Average Weight/ item (kg) Additional charge (JPY)
10.01kg~15kg 300 JPY
15.01kg~20kg 500 JPY
20.01kg~25kg 800 JPY
25.01kg~30kg 1200 JPY
Over 30kg 2000 JPY
For example: If a package with 2 items weights 15 kg, the average weight for each item is 7.5 kg. No overweight fees will be charged.
International Shipping Insurance
  • Insurance for packages with fragile or precious articles is recommended. Insurance rates are based on the declared value of the items in your shipment.
  • Indemnity is based on the claim amount of shipments in the cases of loss, damage, or missing contents.
  • We will work with the carriers on your behalf to process any claims. The process period will be 1 to 3 months.
Japan Post_EMS Insured Rates Japan Post_AIR, SEA, SAL Insured Rates
Declared Value (JPY) Additional Charge (JPY) Declared Value (JPY) Additional Charge (JPY)
Up to 20,000 0 Up to 20,000 400
20,001~40,000 50 20,001~40,000 450
40,001~60,000 100 40001~60000 500
60,001~80,000 150 60,001~80,000 550
80,001~100,000 200 80,001~100,000 600
100,001~120,000 250 100,001~120,000 650
120,001~140,000 300 120,001~140,000 700
140,001~160,000 350 140,001~141,696 750
EMS maximum compensation: 2 million. Visit Japan Post EMS introduction. AIR, SEA, SAL maximum compensation: 141,696 Visit Japan Post introduction.

Japan Post_EMS: a declared value under 20,000 JPY is no additional charge for insurance. If the declared value is over 20,000 JPY, the claim amount can be upgraded by paying plus 50 JPY per 20,000 JPY.

For example: a package declared between 20,001 to 40,000 JPY is charged 50 JPY for insurance; a package declared between 40,001 to 60,000 JPY is charged 100 JPY, and so on.

Japan Post_AIR, SEA, SAL: a declared value under 20,000 JPY is charged 400 JPY for insurance. If the declared value is over 20,000 JPY, plus 50 JPY per 20,000 JPY to upgrade the claim amount.

For example: packages declared between 20,001 to 40,000 JPY are charged 450 JPY for insurance; packages declared between 40,001 to 60,000 JPY are charged 500 JPY, and so on.

For a more detailed insurance program, please kindly contact our customer service team or visit Japan Post website.