Prohibited items

List of Prohibited Items

Please noted that items listed below are prohibited for international shipping. Please confirm with Transbang customer service before purchasing.

  • Items that are prohibited for import and export in Japan/US and in the destination country.

  • Items that are prohibited to sell online.

  • Items that are prohibited by the airlines.

  • Items prohibited by the Washington Convention

  • Alcohol and lithium batteries are prohibited to be exported in USA warehouse

Hazardous and Flammable articles (Flammable articles) Firecrackers, wax, charcoal, paint, perfume, lighter, match, ignition, alcohol, flammable oil, battery (including portable battery charger), bluetooth headset, alcohol, explosion-proof motor, steel cable, steel wire, shears, hooks, shackle , hand-held mowers, hand-held grinders, electric saws, circular saws, circular saws, car steering wheel (with airbags), shock absorbents, gas cylinders, coolants, refrigerant.
Animals and plants All animals and plants (whether live or inactive or in part), such as butterfly specimens, animal and plant specimens, crocodiles, snakes, camels, lizards, minks, foxes, ivory, bone products, coral, bones, horns, rhino horns, lizards , Fossils, animal skin products, animal fur, bulb, seeds, dried flowers ... and so on.
Meats Meats :Fresh food, raw meat, ham, sausage, beef jerky, or other meat products, corrupt and discolored meat, processed foods, etc.
Valuable objects Valuable objects:cash, gold, valuable, securities, precious stones
Law prohibited goods Anesthesia, doping, marijuana and other drugs, indecent remarks, cassette, DVD, etc., pistols, toy guns, swords (Example: crossbow, blade, similar knife, sword shape), counterfeit goods, transforming goods, mold products, machine engine, razor items, electronic cigarette, feather products
Explosives Such as all kinds of guns and ammunition, fireworks, firecrackers, shotguns, air guns, fish guns, drugs, gas, knives, bows and arrows, bullets, explosives and other weapons, and various flammable materials such as matches, Class, candles, waxes, toxic substances, infectious substances, radioactive waste, volatile items and so on.
Items prohibited by the Washington Convention Animals, insects, snakes, pythons, crocodiles, lizards, ostriches, rabbits, foxes (beasts / beasts), tiger bones, amber, deer bones, ivory, rhino horns, whale teeth, corners, corals, Red sandalwood, ebony, rose wood and other related products
Medicine and vitamins Need the consent of the local Department of Health
Cosmetics and skin care products Aerosol cans and cosmetics that contains alcohol
Processed foods All raw, cooked food, snacks, alcohol and tobacco
Kitchen supplies Water heaters, gas stoves, refrigerators and so on
Precision instruments Electron microscopy, various ultrasonic, infrared, submarine detectors, laser measuring instruments, radio communication related products(Example: radio intercom, antenna, wireless mouse, set-top boxes, all need import and export documents)
Medical equipment Electric blanket, medical device, medical electronic parts, body fat meter, sphygmomanometer, condoms, thermometer, nasal suction device, thermometer (including mercury), washing machine (Regular face massager, razor, perm hair are exceptional), Anything that has medical effect needs to apply for import permission from your local government.
Powder and Paste Powder, sand, soil, ash, cement and other powder
Environmental pesticides Mosquito coils, insecticides and other drugs
Electronic Parts IC,Capacitors, transistors, power supply ... and other electronic related parts (such as: motherboard, power transformers)
Import requires safety inspection Life buoy and other life-saving equipment
Parfum Parfum/ Eau de Parfum/ Eau de Toilette/ Eau de Colone and products as such containing alcohol are prohibited items for AIR delivery.
Pleae choose SEA shipping for shipping fragrance from Japan. For the US, Transbang provides ONLY domestic delivery for fragrance. We do not proivde international delivery for anything contains alchohol.
Ticket Due to the fact that the retail values of vouchers, gift cards, prepaid cards and coupons are available for commercial circulation, Transbang provides only the service to deliver items mentioned above, this service DOES NOT include checking the /voucher/coupon numbers for the clients. In order to prevent the occurrence of money laundering, freud and actions which will lead to legal liability, Transbang does not provide service off scraping coatings for card details and gift card/voucher number entry; neither.