Notify shipping

Package confirmation and package consolidation
  1. Go [My Transbang] > [Received at Warehouse] page, you can view all your items that are currently stored in Transbang Japan/US warehouse. If you are ready for package consolidation, please click [Ready for shipping]

  2. Please select the items you want to ship, if you want the items combined please choose all of them and click “Next"

  3. Please confirm the production information before shipping. Once shipping is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled or revised. Please check carefully before confirm.

    • If the items are fragile or high-valued, we recommend you to select [Enhance packing] (wrapping the items with bubble wrap or thick foam with additional charges), to avoid damages during international shipping.

    • Once you've confirmed the packing detail, please click [Shipping]

  4. When the items are in the [Shipping] page, Transbang will begin to consolidate your items. It requires one business day. Once your package is packed, your order will move to [Pay for shipping] page.