Create an order

Create Transfer Order
  • Go to [My Transbang > Create an Order > Choose warehouse], fill in the required information of your purchased items, and click [Submit].

  • Transbang provides [Item Handling Service]. Please check the service you need, we will handle the item according to your request.

  • How to check your previous purchased items (Take Rakuten for example)

    1. On Japan Rakuten homepage, you can see [購入履歷] on the top right of the page. This is the purchase history.

    2. View your purchase history

    3. Please click the 配送狀態確認

    4. View your delivery company and tracking number

Fast shipping
  • Auto ship out One parcel by system the other day parcel arrives in warehouse, clients no need to Notify shipping.

    1. Can’t do consolidation

    2. Can’t do additional reinforcement and other additional service, ship out the way as it arrives in warehouse