Duties and Taxes


Duty is a tax that government authorize customs to impose on goods which are imported from other country. TRANSBANG ship the goods to other countries which is an act of import, therefore our customers must pay the duty according to the local tax law.
Transbang deliver parcel by Post will indicate personal use, when parcel going to the customs, you may need to pay the tax under custom selective examination. Please note that the higher the custom value is, the higher probability you need to pay the tax; the lower the custom value is, the higher probability your parcel pass the customs.

Duty-Free Exemption

Depending on the countries you are living, your personal exemption will be different. The total value of merchandise is less than NT$2000, you may bring back to Taiwan without having to pay duty, and as for china, the personal exemption is RMB $1000
※Please keep updated on the duty-free exemption in every country, it may be adjusted every year, personal exemption in above example is in 2018.

Duty Calculation

Duty-paid Value= Merchandise price + International shipping fee + Insurance
Import duty= Duty-paid Value*Merchandise tax rate
Sales tax= (Duty-paid Value+ Import duty)*Sales tax rate
Total payable duty amount= Import duty + Sales tax
※Please note that import duty and sales tax differ from one country to another.
Air purifier on Rakuten Global Market website is JPY $35000, and the shipping fee is JPY $10497, the total amount is JPY $45497 which equals to TWD$12125.
Duty-paid Value is $12125.
Import duty is 12125*3.4%=412
Sales tax is (12125+412)*5%=627
Total payable duty amount is 412 + 627=1039

Mode of payment

In Taiwan, cash on delivery is the most common way to use as a mode of payment, courier deliver shipment to the customer’s address and charge duty from the customer. In China, partial of the total value of shipment that exceed exemption will be notified by customs to determine to return shipment or to pay the duty in the following process.