US-China HAT shipment

Package forwarding & HAT Customs clearing (ship to China only)

* Recipient address of Customs Clearing is not applicable to Hong Kong, Macao and 5 Autonomous Regions. Customs Clearing service is limited to China only.

* Additional reinforcement service is not eligible for HAT shipping method.

  • Package forwarding & Customs clearing is another international shipping choice apart from direct shipment and the shipping process takes 14-45 days.
  • No additional charge
  • Maximum weight for one box is 26.4Lbs, it needs to split into 2 boxes if exceeding 26.4Lbs.
  • For customs request, please submit the recipient ID number(China only) if you apply for customs clearing and shipping
  • Please choose other kind of shipping method if any of the length is longer than 60 cm.
  • Purchase insurance is available, insurance fee is 1% of merchandise price
  • HAT packages will be delivered on every Wedneday (EST)
  • Restricted items: (unused)
    Category Item Restricted number/ box Restricted weight & value
    Clothing & Shoes T-shirts, shirts, shorts, trousers, vests, underwears, gloves, hats, caps, etc. ≤ 20 items

    Each box should be less than 26.4 pounds (12 kg) 1,000 CNY.

    sneakers, loafers, dress shoes, UGG, boots, flats, sandals, slippers, kids shoes, etc. 8 pair

    If your items are exceeded in numbers, weights, or values, they will be packed in different boxes to fit the restrictions.

    An informed delivery will be returned to “Received at warehouse” if there’s any forbidden items included. In this case, please choose another shipping method.

How to choose HAT customs clearing service?
  1. Please click Notify shipping at Received at warehouse status.

  2. Choose China and customs clearing will appear as an option for shipping, then click Notify shipping after checking up the shipping limitation.

    (Customs clearing service is only available for choosing at this step, will charge $10 USD for added on after this step.)

Fees of splitting packages (Charge by case)

* Charge: 1USD/ package

Instructions: Your parcels will be split if the total quanlity, weight, or price of the items exceed. Every split parcel charges $1. The cost will be added on additional reinforcement fees.
HAT Prohibited items
  1. Cigarette(e-cigarette) and Alcohol
  2. Telescope
  3. Glue
  4. Digital products: Cell phone, Notebook, Kindle, Tablet, Single-lens reflex camera and Single-lens reflex camera., Game related product equipment, etc.
  5. Motorcycle, Bike and Auto-parts and helmet and accessories.
  6. Herbs: Bird’s nest, Chinese caterpillar fungus, Velvet antler and Donkey-hide gelatin.
  7. Medicine: Prescription, Narcotic and so on.
  8. Beverage: Tea, Vitamin Drinks, Yogurt, Juice, Sports & Energy Drinks and so on.
  9. Golf equipment.
  10. Controlled knives.
  11. Precious goods: Luxury, Cultural relics, Ceramic.
  12. Currency: Negotiable securities, Counterfeiting currency.
  13. Printed products: Books, Calligraphy.
  14. Military equipment(Camouflage related)
  15. Media: Roll film, Picture, CD, DVD and IC electronic spare parts.
  16. Not a commodity: Manufacture tool, material, and machine components.
  17. Adult/ sexual goods, toy and medicines
  18. Non personal or second-hand items,such as toys
  19. Health products: JEUNESSE related products
  20. Watch