Guide to shop on US sites

Guide to shop on Amazon
  1. Go to Amazon( log in with your Amazon Japan ID and password. Search for products, and click “Add to cart" on the right to add the item into Amazon shopping cart. Click "Cart" on the upper right corner to check your shopping cart.

  2. Check the products you want to purchase at your shopping cart, and click "Proceed to checkout" on the right.

  3. For first time user, you will need to fill in address. Please fill in the following information with your Transbang Address. After finished, click the "Continue" on the right

    Amazon Please fill in Transbang address
    Full name The name shows on your My Transbang
    Address line 1 {Your Transbang address}
    Address line 2 {Your Transbang member ID. }
    City Portland
    State/Province/Region Oregon
    ZIP 97211
    Country USA
    Phone number {Transbang phone number}
  4. Please choose shipping method.

  5. Please choose payment method. Enter your name, card No., expiration date and click Add you card and press Continue button.

  6. Confirm order content and click Place your order.