【Disney Store Shopping Teaching】[Disney Store Shopping Teaching] Disney must buy Mickey Minnie or Princess Elsa to take home!

by Transbang 2019/09/18

Wow! It’s Mickey, Minnie, so cute! You see the mermaid on the left, really want to take home.

God! The monster of the Monster Power Company also appeared, oh no! The girl’s heart was liberated, and I decided to live in the Disney store today.

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Disney Lion King - 迪士尼獅子王周邊商品

Recalling the first time I went abroad to go to Disney with my friends, every time I met a cartoon character chased by a child, I would always scream and scream with a loud exclamation. The kind of excitement is really endless!

When can I go to the Disney store to buy souvenirs?

It doesn't matter, let me tell you that the American Disney store has finally opened up not long ago. Here you will find all the Disney series products, so that you can understand Disney's lovesickness.

Like Disney's latest Lion King album, the adverts immediately evoked the classic picture of the Lion King when he was a child. It was really ecstatic.

No, I have to start to buy anything I like. How do I buy this Mickey and Minnie's Pizza utensil?

Disney Online Store https://www.shopdisney.com/

To purchase Disney products, you must first join the membership. If you don't know how to apply for an account, just follow the TRANSBANG to join the membership and join Shopping!

Step 1. Register

Click the button in the "Sign in" box at the top right now!

Step 2. Create an account

After entering the screen, the login account password page will appear. If you already have a password, you can go shopping immediately if you have entered it. If you have not applied, click “Create an Account” to enter the application.

Step 3. Fill in the basic information

After entering, you need to start filling in the basic information of the application member, including the name, email (account), password and personal birthday date.

Secretly telling everyone to remember to fill in the correct date of birthday, because they will receive a special birthday gift.

Step 4. Account creation completed

After everything is done, just click Create Account to create an account, and then you can start a bigger buy~

(I finally have the account of the Disney store, I can't wait to buy my favorite Mickey, Minnie series.)

Step 5. Purchase

In the selection field, you can select the popular Mickey and Minnie series. The page will show many brand products related to Mickey and Minnie, and they are all newly launched in the current season on the year. Of course, there will be classics. The series is waiting for you to discover.

Step 6. Add to cart

This Mickey, Minnie jar for pepper powder, cheese powder is so cute, I decided to take you home today, then put Mickey and Minnie jars into "Add to Bag" and put them in the shopping cart!

Of course, if you want to buy other styles of products, you can already list them at the bottom of the same page. Just pick a favorite style.

After pressing the Add to Bag button, the screen will pop up to confirm the purchase window. If you decide to purchase, just press "Checkout" and you can lick!

Step 7. Confirm the product

Then the screen will jump to the page shown in the figure, where the orderer will determine the purchase price and the fee to be paid, and if you have the product discount code, don't forget to enter the discount number in the box.

Step 8. Fill in the payment information

If you have no problem and are sure to purchase, click the “sign in & Checkout” button to enter the ordering information page. You will need to fill in the recipient's name and address, pull the page down, and then you will need to fill in the receipt. The city, postal code, phone number, and the most suitable delivery method are all filled in. Remember to select the “Continue” button to enter the payment setting page.

Step 9. Online card swiping

Finally, you need to fill in the name of the credit card holder, the credit card number, the credit card expiration date and the last three digits of the credit card, then press the enter button to submit the order and you're done.

If you use Paypal to checkout, please see this tutorial - How to apply for a Paypal account.

Wow! I finally ordered my favorite Mickey and Minnie jars. After waiting for a while, I can use them during cooking. I am so happy!

Now I want to continue to buy my favorite Disney products, see you in the next article! Bye-bye.

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