【Shopping teaching】 Walgreens, the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, has many discounts and discounts. If you want to buy Move Free, Zencun, Culturelle and other health foods, then you must not miss it!

by Transbang 2019/11/27

If you have visited or studied in the United States, this pharmacy will presumably impress you: it is Walgreens' largest pharmacy chain in the United States. It was widely spread in the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. With over 8,000 branches, this is quite amazing!

Healthcare brands such as Move Free, Shancun, Jiacun, Culturelle and others have discounts. Even personal care products, beauty care products, and cosmetics can be found on Walgreen's official website ~

Walgreens's official website,

Walgreens's official website

but with the rise of e-commerce platforms, the business model has also moved from physical stores to online platforms, allowing customers around the world to use the platform Buy the latest medical products, especially health foods, medicines, etc., which are loved by the Asian region. Take a look around with the editors to see if there is anything worth buying!

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Walgreens Official Website Service

But you must apply for membership before shopping! In this era of a lot of discounts, "Member Gifts" is also one of the items chasing after each other. Sometimes, there will be good Kangda broadcasts? !

To join:

Step 1. Click Your account at the top right

Click on Your Account at the top right of Walgreens official website

Step 2. Create an account:  

You will see the page for filling in the account password. At this time, remember to presscreate account tostart applying for membership.

Click Create Account to apply for membership

Step 3. Select membership level:  

Then the screen will ask you what kind of membership level you want to apply for. Generally, you will first select the membership level on the left to apply. If you feel that you need to upgrade later, you can do it!

Select Walgreens membership level to apply

Step 4. Fill in the basic information: 

Next is the time when you need to fill in the basic information, such as name, email and login password.

  fill in your personal details

Step 5. Member points:

Then there will be a fieldBalance Rewardmember points system that you need to check. Usually you will choose to join later. You can presscomplete theContinuetoexchange information after completing all the information. Finally, registration is completed.

Balance Reward Member Points System

Start shopping

Some skincare products to treat yourself, and help your family buy some fish oil or lutein. By the way, eye health has become one of the most important things in the age of science and technology.

Walgreens search for fish oil

Step 1. selection of products:

just fish oil brand,Walgreenswill have more than 50 kinds of optional, if you do not know which brand to buy, recommended to choose a higher rating product to try.Choose highly rated fish oil products

Step 2. Add to the shopping cart:

Enter the introduction page of this bottle of fish oil, you canclearly seethe content, quantity, price of the fish oil, and you will also see the precautions of relevant users. On this page, if you are sure to purchase, clickadd to shopping Listadd to the shoppingtocart!

Shopping cart purchase information

Step 3. Checkout:

Next screen will enter the shopping cart. At this time, if you are sure to purchase, pressProceed to Checkout to checkout Go.

Right!If you are lucky enough to get a discount code, don't forgetit inPromo Code & Couponsto fill.

  fill in consignee information

Step 4. Fill in the receiving information:

Then it is time to fill in the recipient's information. Here you will need to fill in the recipient's name, postal code, recipient address, contact phone number and email, etc.Continue checkoutto the payment information page.

Select payment method

Step 5. Payment: When you

come to the payment page, there are several payment methods to choose from, such as credit card, visa, PayPal, etc.The simplest way is to use acredit card to pay. In addition to easy operation, you can also accumulate bonus points.

Fill in the credit card information and credit card expiration date, remember to checkbilling address and the parcel delivery addressare thethe button that thesame. After everything is filled in, pressContinue checkout toenter the confirmation information page.

Step 6. Sending the order:

Check again, and you can send the order without any problems.

Walgreens has a wide variety of health foods to choose from

 Isn't it simple? It's not difficult to buy health food on foreign websites.Walgreens is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States. It also provides online shopping methods, diversified product types and cost-effective prices to help you save money. As for the delivery method, leave it to the transfer to help you solve it!

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