【Tutorial】Rakuten x Transbang Shipping Discount

by Transbang 2019/10/25

"RakutenxTransbang" Campaign Starts! Let’s see what we got for you!

Transbang has teamed up with Rakuten to offer more benefits for our precious members. If your Rakuten order is qualified, then you could possess delivery fee reduction. How to join the campaign

1. Fill in your Transbang forwarding order with your Rakuten order number which is marked in the red box. Please note that this move is a must so that our system can recognize whether your order is from Rakuten or not.

P.s. Rakuten order number is right in your purchase confirmation e-mail which is shown in Japanese as 「注文番號」.

2. When the warehouse receives your package and shows the status “received by the warehouse” meaning you are ready to ship.

3. If you are qualified to RakutenxTransbang rules, you will receive a notification below to tell you that you are.

4. You could see your qualified order in the step of “informed delivery”. Please be aware that payment should be paid before the campaign ends to be able to redeem your delivery fee discount. And also, you could add special handlings on this page.

5. At payment notification, you could review all of your orders, the ones are qualified will be marked with red notes below.

6. Please don’t forget to select your Rakuten voucher to redeem your delivery fee discount.

Please read through the following:

1.    All of your packages and order should be purchased from Rakuten.

2. One Rakuten order number could be only added to one Transbang package.

3.    If you have waited over three days and the order is still awaiting reception from the warehouse since you created the forwarding order, please contact our online customer service.

The most likely reasons cause the wait is:

a.  The money amount of your order doesn’t meet the campaign's conditions.

b.  Transbang hasn’t received the order confirmation from Rakuten, please return to our page later on.

4. This campaign cannot be combined with other discounts, vouchers or promotions.

If you choose another voucher when processing your payment, "RakutenxTransbang" campaign discount will be regarded as invalid and no longer be applied to other orders.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our online customer service, or e-mail us:

Mon-Sat 8am-5pm (JST)


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