【Recommandation】2019 The Brand You Must Have PUMA、Under Armour、The North Face、Victoria’s Secret

by Transbang 2019/09/19

In the past, you could see everyone is posting delicacies and traveling photos, but nowadays more and more people pick up work-out and shows their sturdy body shape. Good gear and gym wears could not only show your taste, but also precipitate level of your exercise performance in all ways.

Here, I’m going to list out a few excellent sports brand. If you feel them too pricey to buy, then how about we try some the US website to see if we can find any steal.

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It is well known for its sign of cheetah. Although the fight between Adidas seems endless, but PUMA truly has a big share in the foot wears market. They had worked for nine years to roll out a sole technology called IGNITE. What’s more, various retro crossover shoes is one of the factor pushing PUMA to the the third place.

Price falls between NTD 2,600-4,000. Official website also offers diverse discounts from time to time.

Official website: https://us.puma.com/en/us/home

Under Armour

Under Armour

It was dated back to 1996 there was a captain of varsity football team who found the cotton T-shirt underneath the protection became unbearably soaking, and therefore he managed to invent functional sportswear. To date, UA has been devoted to inventing top-notch functional sportswear and gears so as to make these accessories an auxiliary instead of extra burden. No matter what fields of sport you are in, you could always find a prospect of being better here.

Price falls between NTD3,000-6,000. Official website also offers discounts and promotional sales during holiday seasons, sometimes it is up to 50% off.

Official website: https://www.underarmour.com/en-us

The North Face

The North Face

Taiwanese people are big on buying insulated jackets from the North Face because it’s very pragmatic when it comes to a freezing winter. But few people know the fact that to begin with this brand is established by two enthusiastic mountaineers in San Francisco. This was just a shop specialized in all types of mountain climbing gear and tools. This name, The North Face, originates from the north hemisphere in which the founders reside, also symbolize the most challenging region, and the spirit of fearless climber facing all kinds of adversity. Cutting-edge technology is constantly improved to produce a great variety of solutions to meet people’s need. Their products are guaranteed with upscale quality regardless of any sportswear or accessories.

Price falls between NTD 1,500-9,00. Check the official website for more unexpected discounts on different items.

Official website: https://www.thenorthface.com/homepage.html



Arena is actually a subsidiary swimming sports division of Adidas, which combined with Japan DESCENTE company and manufactured in Japan in 1975 and subsequently started trial sale. Now is has become the leading brand in competitive swimwear.

Dedicated in developing thinner, lighter and tighter competitive swimwear, as well as the cutting design of how to keep out the water as less as possible on you while swimming. It will be your top choice if you are a swimming addict no matter for sports or for competition.

Price falls between NTD 3,000-8,000, yes we know it’s a little pricey but you still can find 20-50% off every now and then from the U.S. website.

Official website: https://www.arenawaterinstinct.com/en_us/



As a luxurious brand in sports field, Adidas is always standing out. Have you ever noticed that Adidas in fact makes plenty of designs solely for women, it not only fine tunes the details of function but also looks considerably fashionate. You could wear them as trendy accessories on daily basis.

Price falls between NTD 2,500-4,000. The official website offers almost 50% discount very often.

Official website: https://www.adidas.com/us

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret

Now VC finally has rolled out their sportswear line- Victoria’s Sport! They comes in a large variety of options of sportswear which characterize not only comfortability but also trendy design. You could have both of them at an affordable price, besides, it goes very well and receive lots of favorable reviews on the internet.

Price falls between NTD 1,000-1,800, VC also sends out special promotions on some certain significant sale seasons (you can refer to the introduction of Halloween sale).

Official website:  https://www.victoriassecret.com/vs/sport

New Balance

New Balance

100-year-old brand- New Balance, still is a hit to date. In Taiwan, many of you might have a  affordable durable pair of shoes that never fails. You could always find latest colours and models on the U.S. website, plus the price is much cheaper then you can get in Taiwan.

New arrivals usually fall between NTD 3,000-6,000, of course you could find models below NTD 2,000.

Official website: https://www.newbalance.com/made-in-the-usa/

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