【Recommendation】2019 US American makeup maintenance brand: beautyblender、benefit、e.l.f、TOM FORD、CLINIQUE

by Transbang 2019/09/19

Want to buy a big brand, and think that the price makes you a little hesitant? Cosmetics such as make-up maintenance are a fixed cost every year. Now, once in the US website, the amount of this season is filled up, and a careful calculation of petty women ~

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【Facial care】



The original all kinds of beauty eggs are his signature, with a special makeup for different skins, perfect makeup once! Whether it is beauty or other cosmetics, the price is NT$600-1000 for the people.

Purchase URL: https://beautyblender.com/



Hearing this brand in Taiwan may be about their beeswax eyebrows service. Before the benefit, there were very few shops in Taiwan that specialize in beeswax. Inheriting the bold and energetic qualities of the founder's sisters, the products of benefit are also constantly innovating, taking the opportunity to see what's new in the US! The price is also falling at NT$300-1000.

Purchase URL: https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/us/en



The cheap makeup brand ColourPop is known as the color paradise! In 2018, the Disney Princess series was launched, which used color to create a make-up platter for different skin tones and temperament. The price of a single eye shadow or blush is even as high as NT$100. Even the entire group of eye shadows is less than 600 yuan. It is not only cheap but easy to use. It is definitely a place to buy soft hands!

Purchase URL: https://colourpop.com/

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

The beauty brand created by the young and popular KOL in the United States has always had a high popularity on the Internet. The price is also about NT$600-1200. Do you want to catch up on the latest topic? Come and see what are the hottest items now!

Purchase URL: https://www.kyliecosmetics.com/



The bottom makeup expert e.l.f, from the beginning of the maintenance to lay the foundation for you, coupled with the exquisite brush and all kinds of lighting tools, here to package the whole series, no longer worry about the makeup is not good enough! Whether it is washing, maintenance or make-up products, it is also a low-priced one hundred yuan product!

Purchase link: https://www.elfcosmetics.com/



The famous designer and director TOM FORD established the brand with his own name, which is the focus of the fashion circle, giving you a star-like luxury. Whether it is lipstick or eye shadow is more than a thousand dollars in price, of course, to come to the US official website to buy the most cost-effective!

Purchase URL: https://www.tomford.com/

【Face Care Products】



The CLINIQUE, founded by dermatologists, is deeply rooted in the hearts of customers with three basic steps. It is also the first brand to introduce physical sunscreen products. The price ranges from NT$100 to thousands of NT$, and there are some special combinations of official websites!

Purchase URL: https://www.clinique.com/



A professional skin care brand from New York, flaunting natural ingredients, mild and non-irritating, is the best choice for sensitive muscle girls. The price range is from NT$600 to thousands of NT$.

Purchase URL: https://www.kiehls.com/

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder

In addition to beauty products, Estée Lauder's anti-age care products are also their star products. The price of the US official website is even about 70% of the price of Taiwan. Such a cost-effective combination, of course, is to buy a tribute to the important women around you!

Purchase URL: https://www.esteelauder.com/

La Mer

La Mer

You know that La Mer's brand story turns out to be a space physicist who has suffered a burn accident, the research path that opens up to repair the skin! ? Take care of your skin with more than ten years of technology and repair the traces of various years. The price is about NT$2,000-10,000 for the luxury goods around, but the price of the United States is about 10% off Taiwan!

Purchase URL: https://www.cremedelamer.com/



When you see the brand name, it's not hard to guess the core value of the brand. It is to protect your skin with the most natural and pure products. Mask and repair cream are the main products, the price of the official website is about 1500-6000 NT dollars.

Purchase URL: https://www.fresh.com/US/home#?prevPage=header



With the popularity of the "eight cups of water" for more than ten years of moisturizing products, in the US official website and even the oasis series that Taiwan can not buy, the price is also in the range of 600-3000 NT dollars.

Purchase link: https://www.h2oplus.com/



ORIGINS’s natural and organic, not just talk about it, the brand has been committed to the concept of sustainable regeneration, recycling empty bottles, afforestation, the use of renewable resources and so on. Every time we consume, it is also proof that we are determined to live with the earth. The price of the official website is about NT$900-3000, and the average price is 30% off Taiwan.

Purchase link: https://www.origins.com/

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