【Tutorial】 2019 The latest JP Rakuten teaching.Let’s get started to learn how to be a member of Rakuten .

by Transbang 2019/09/18

It’s great to shop at Japanese Rakuten!

Apparel shoes / food / baby products / 3C home appliances. Different kinds of things are available. There is discount sometimes. If  you want to keep up with the latest fashion, you can’t miss it!

Let’s get started to learn how to be a member of Rakuten.

Japanese Lotte   https://www.rakuten.co.jp/

When you shop on the abroad website, you could easily use Transbang to forward your goods and don’t need to reply on any procurement agent. Transbang offer you Japan and the U.S. warehouse address. Put everything you want in the cart, as simple as that! 

Step 1 Enter Japanese Lotte website and click 【楽天会員に登錄(無料)】



You can choose one of them to register.



Step 2 Fill in personal data

It’s easy to fill in email, account, and password. However, it’s complicated to fill the section of your name. Separate your last name and first name. You can fill in either Chinese or English name. (I recommend filling in your English name because Chinese name may not be accepted by the system. )

Please fill in your last name and first name, it will turn into Katakana. Then, click confirmation.

English name register Transbang account in Katakana   ➔  click here


Step 3 After confirming the information, please click【楽天会員に登錄する】

Please double check whether your data is correct or not. (Pass word won’t be shwed on here)

The first bottom return to the former page to modify  (If you confirm the information is correct, don’t click the bottom. Otherwise, you have to fill again.)

The second bottom Confirmation



Step 4 Finish registering


Step 5 Fill out Transbang’s address and phone number

Back to the home page. Click the grey bottom on your right hand side「詳~」, it will show 「Member’s information」, click it.



Step 6:Correct registrating content

After entering the page, my Rakuten, go downward. You will see 【会員情報サービス】on left side and click 【登錄內容の確認.変更】.


Step7:Enter the page, 【楽天会員情報管理】

You can see “Contact with me” in the middle of the p[age, and click”Confirm” below address and telephone number.


Step 8: Paste Transbang’s Japanese address and telephone number from your account

Transbang’s website: https://www.transbang.com/en-us/welcome/index/


Step 9:Follow the using guide to fill in address, telephone number and zip code on Japanese Lotte

All you have to do is paste them, then confirm.


Step 10:Double confirm the information


Step 11:Start shopping


No more troubles of proxy, Transbang can send your packages directly to you home.

It’s easy to shop on America’s websites . We provide the best service to you. No worry about missing the parcels. Our CS can solve the problems with your parcels online.

No packing fee for consolidate 10 orders. 

Free shipping insurance is provided for EMS shipping to China as declaration amount is 20,000 yen or below. 

Transbang provide Japan and America parcel forwarding service to your designated address. 

We deliver packages to 233 countries around the world by EMS/AIR /SEA/SAL.

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