【Recommendation】The North Face/Converse TOKYO/MUJI Labo The latest trend in Japan!

by Transbang 2019/09/18

When it comes to making in Japan, most of people will approve. Japanese are always impressed with perfection.

People do everything flawlessly all the time. They are good at making high-quality products. It’s a country with a special style. The trend at the moment is for caring about our appearance. Japanese designers prefer to think from inside because they still respect the original spirits. There are different kinds of reasons attract many brand to cooperate. Now, let me introduce the unique brands that you can’t miss.

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  • ◎The North Face Purple Label
  • ◎Concerse TOKYO
  • ◎Champion Japan
  • ◎MUJI Labo
  • ◎Levi's

The North Face Purple Label

The North Face Hat

 When it comes to the outdoor brand, everyone must think of The North Face. It was founded in 1966, and contributes to providing the professional supplies to those who are fond of outdoor activities. The symbol of this brand is being brave to adventure. Fans are familiar with its colorful labels, purple, balck, and white. However, today, I would like to introduce in an easy way about the fresh and high-end Japanese style, The North Face Purple Label.

The North Face Purple Label and nanamica are established in 2003. Disign and style are decided by the Japanese designer. Therefore, it is not only various but also soulful and glamorous. Sold in Japan only. 


The North Face Purple Label


Converse TOKYO

Converse TOKYOConverse TOKYO

The company of Converse in America gets into trouble because of the management. In Spite of keeping the market share, it was declared a bankrupt in 2001. The company, ITOCHU, infused capital and founed vintage Converse Japan in 2002. There are many streams of the company, such as One Star, STAR&BARS, Converse Tokyo, and CHEVRON&STAR etc. Fans from different countries are all attracted by its original spirits and Japanese excellent technology and taste.


Champion Japan

Champion Japan

Champion is a sporting brand from USA, but the brand in Japan develops into fashion and current. The brand, STANDARD, is only sold in Japan. We can notice that Champion Japan is really special.




The products of MUJI are always made in a simply way. Make your life be full of Japanese style. 

LABORATORY is another brand of MUJI Labo. The clothes are emphasized their clipping. For example, you will find the clothes are stereoscopic when you wear. Besides, they also choose buttons well. I recommend MUJI for those who prefer simple and comfortable clipping. Let’s return our lives into an easy way.




Those who love Jeans must have Levi’s. Japanese jeans clothes are the begining of the fashionable people. Japanese remake Levi’s collection and turn tradion into street style. It is more exquisite and soulful. People who love this kind can’t miss it.

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