【Unboxing review】TRANSBANG US package forwarding service is awesome.

by GIGI W*** 2019/07/11

I’ve had the honour of using TRANSBANG packaging service 7 times now and want to tell everyone my experiences with them. First of all, I have received all my packages without fail every time. And secondly, they were all undamaged when received. Without a doubt, TRANSBANG US package forwarding service is awesome.

TRANSBANG does packaging in 2 countries, Japan and the US. I’ve had my orders packaged in Japan 6 times and the US once. I can say that both warehouses did a splendid job on it. TRANSBANG also does consolidating so you can order multiple things, have it stored in the warehouse, and then sent to you when you are ready.

This time, I ordered a Pikachu edition New 2DS XL on the US Pokemon Center site and it was delivered to the warehouse safely. I was notified a day later and I paid a little extra for reinforcement since it was a DS and I was scared it might get damaged along the way. I forked out some more money for fast delivery and it was tracked and so it was easy to know when it arrived.

The 2DS arrived safely on time and was completely undamaged. Considering that it was my first time using the US warehouse, I was a bit worried, but that was a bit unnecessary.

In case you are wondering, on the TRANSBANG site, they have a lot of information from how to order things to actually using their service. It’s mostly quite easy to understand and if you need clarification, you can always just use the online chat which is usually always available.

And here are some unboxing pics.



Finally, I’ll link the site here. Hope this was helpful. https://www.transbang.com

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