【Recommended】 A Bathing Ape (BAPE) Shopping Education | Japan Tide brand-free by purchasing, new buy limit at any time, so help you transfer brought home

by Transbang 2019/11/20

A Bathing Ape (BAPE)

A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is a well-known Japanese Tide brand, I believe we all I am very impressed with this avatar. BAPE often introduces limited edition products, which attracts many fans to buy. Is it a pity that you feel that you are far away from your home and can not get the latest BAPE products? Now, there is a transfer to help you transfer BAPE products from Japan to your home! The point is, the actual operation is super simple, hurry up and watch this BAPE shopping teaching, take home the favorite new~

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A Bathing Ape shopping teaching | How to buy?

STEP1 |web browsing

BAPE have many product categories

BAPEvery simple shopping web page, the first page of ape head can choose to enter WEB STROE, you can see many products, click on the left side of the field can be a variety of styles, types, sizes and prices, To help lock the products you want.

Selected item: BAPE T-shirt

As shown, BAPE browser page will be the product name, price list, you only need to pick your favorite style, click on the picture to enter the product page will take you further understand the relevant product information.

STEP2 |confirming the productinformation

Product DetailsSelect item size

Afterinto the productpage, you will see more information about the product, such as: size, material ⋯⋯, etc., most of BAPE products range in size S ~ 3XL optional, if you are unsure what size The best for you, click on "SIZE GUIDE", the page will have a detailed size guide!

STEP3 | Login members

Member login required before starting shopping on the BAPE website

need to sign in shopping BAPE members and is divided into BAPE members and guest members, if you already have BAPE members only need to log in to continue to complete the shopping process; If you have not registered members, visitors can select members, and then in accordance with the The following teaching is completed.

STEP4 |members registered visitors

Register as a BAPE Travel Member

BAPEvisitor registration information more stringent, need name (kanji, katakana, Japanese Roman character), from the house phone, cellular phone, mailing address ⋯⋯, etc., from the house phone and Japan recipient address, You can fill in the address of the warehouse provided by the transfer (the teaching will be provided below), but the mobile phone still needs to input the Japanese mobile phone. This part may need to ask if there is a Japanese friend who can provide input.

STEP5 |completing the registration

Complete BAPE registration

finished afterinput relevant information sent, is displayed to complete the registration screen, while a certified letter will be forwarded to you to fill in the mailbox, the mailbox from the authentication is completed, it will obtain the login ID, through the login ID With your registered login password, you can proceed to the shopping process!

A Bathing Ape Shopping Teaching | Payment Methods?

STEP1 |confirming cart

Confirm Shopping Cart Item

AfterWhen you are finished shopping, click the shopping cart will see their purchase of goods, commodities determine there is no problem, you can click the button to the left of the purchase procedure, if you want to continue shopping click on the right button .

STEP2 |confirming the delivery address and payment

Fill in the shipping address of the delivery warehouseSelect payment method

Afterprocedures into the shopping page will ask you to confirm the delivery address, if you have to fill in the registration help members transfer the address of the warehouse, just click here "and registered address The same is all right. In addition, the payment method of BAPE Shopping Network provides credit card and cash on delivery for you to choose freely.

STEP3 |confirming details commodity

Confirm product details

finished aftershipping address and payment method selected, the page will then ask you to confirm the details of a trade, because BAPE only return defective merchandise, make sure to place an order before size, color number no wrong oh !

STEP4 | confirmed ordersagain:

Reconfirm your order

last as long as the content again to confirm the order  delivery address, method of payment, the total amount ⋯⋯, etc., all no problem, you can click on to complete the order, then transfer to help enter a single number to wait for merchandise warehousing Hello !

A Bathing Ape Shopping Teaching | How to transfer from Japan?

TRANSBANG forwarding service flow

When teaching how BAPE visitors registered members have mentioned to help fill out the transfer of the address of the warehouse, here to teach you how to use -

just click the URL below to sign transfer members to help you can get!You are not mistaken, it is as simple as this, after logging in to the member to obtain the warehouse address, go to BAPE to complete the follow-up shopping process, then return to the transfer to provide the logistics number and add a transfer order, the transfer will send the goods to your home, so Convenient Japanese transfer method, hurry up and send it to the website to experience it yourself!

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