【Macy’s teaching】Novice must see! American chain department store Macy’s fashion, all kinds of accessories, shoe bags, bedding, etc., the most famous American brand on the official website to buy is the most cost-effective

by Transbang 2019/10/30

Macy's, located on Broadway in New York, USA, has become an international chain of department stores since its first opening in 1924. Every Thanksgiving Day, Macy's has a grand Thanksgiving parade that always attracts Many people come to see it.With the rise of e-commerce, Macy's has also kept up with the trend of the times. Just sitting at home and tapping your finger, you can buy the latest styles that are at the cutting edge of the times, letting you keep up with the fashion trend.

With the arrival of the holiday, I have to choose a few pieces of clothing for myself to work hard and buy new clothes for my family. How can I buy clothes on the official website of Macy's? Let the transfer help tell you!


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travelenter the Macy's official website, you will find the latest autumn and winter clothing new style is in front of you If this is your long-awaited jacket and wants to take it home, then you have to do one thing first is to apply to join the membership! In addition to being able to start buying clothes right away, you can receive notifications of the latest events in threes and fives, and sometimes there are great deals waiting for you to participate.


First of all, you should select the member login link at the top left of the official website as a white box, then the page will jump to the application member page. At this time, you need to fill in the basic information such as name, E-mail and fill in the area, and then don't forget to check the selected Agree to the box, and finally press the submit consent button and you're done.


After joining the membership, you can start to open the shopping mode, pick some travel or leisure work kits, and reward yourself with your hard work.


Choose to pick or pick this light blue coat, it looks very stylish! After clicking on the detailed page, you can see the stylethis style, color, size and price of, and of course some materials and other information for you to understand.

After selecting the colorand size, press add to bag to join the shopping cart! Next, you will be asked if you want to go to the checkout window. If you don't want to continue purchasing, just press View Bag& Checkout to checkout!

Jump to the checkout window. One important point here is that when you have ever received a discount code, remember to enter Promo Code in the upper right column! When you are done, press Proceed to checkout to go to the next page.

Then come to the page to fill out the distribution information, first fill in the shipping information such as the recipient informationrecipient, the address of the, the postal code and other information. After filling out, it is followed by the selection of the parcel delivery method. The way you can. But did you find out how the page language changed from English to Chinese?! That's because the official website will detect your location and automatically help you to change the language. Does Macy's have any guilty feelings!

After pressing Continue, you will enter the payment information filling page. At this time, the screen will also list the shipping materials filled in on the previous page for you to check. When filling out the payment information, I like to use the usual credit card to pay, because this is also the case. More convenient to check accounts.


Once everything is ready to fill in the information, you can click the Place button to place the order information to Macy's, and then Macy's will send the purchased clothing to the designated address according to your order form.


Wow! It’s awesome to buy a dress! Now I’m going to help the family to continue picking gifts for the family. I don’t know what to buy? Let’s see if there are any discounted items or if you look at the trousers. It’s coming soon for Thanksgiving. Let’s see if you have any information about this year’s event. Every year, I’m looking forward to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day! Go, immediately transfer with the help to go online.


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