【Recommendation】2019 US must buy bags: Michael Kors、ZAC Zac Posen、MARC、Proenza Schouler

by Transbang 2019/10/03

The popularity of boutique bags is certainly not just a brand fan. From the choice of materials, leather craftsmanship, turning, stitching, to the metal or other material accessories on the bag, the boutique bag has his place. If you like versatile and durable, there are ultra-high-quality bags, here are a few of the fashion bags that have been popular in the United States. In addition to the process technology is not sloppy, even the taste is also leading the trend.

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Michael Kors

Michael Kors, the eponymous brand of designer founded in New York in 1981, has created a flaming product known as the "New York Birkin Bag", which has a very important position in American fashion. In addition to the package, the products also have popular items such as clothing and fragrance.

・Recommended to: You like to order high quality, elegant style but not casual.

・Price: 5000-20000 NT.

・US official website offer: about 50% off Taiwan's pricing.

・Purchase URL: https://www.michaelkors.com/

MARC By Marc Jacobs

MBMJ was originally the deputy card of the former LV director Marc Jacobs brand. Because of its unique eye-catching image, it was even more popular than the original mainline brand Marc Jacobs, so it merged with the mainline brand Marc Jacobs. Click on the official website to see that they like to use impressive image design, such as twin models, high-scoring socks, boldly show his taste.

・Recommended: You like to show your own style and keep your own color.

・Price: 6000-15000 NT.

・US official website offer: about 40% off Taiwan counters.

・Purchase URL: https://www.marcjacobs.com/bags/?from=Top_Navigation&lcat=L1

ZAC Zac Posen

ZAC Zac Posen, the sub-line brand of American designer Zac Posen (also known as the finalist of the fashion show), is in full compliance with our vision of the fashion industry. It is like being in the "Devil wearing PRADA". From design to color, it shows his fine sense, but it is low-key and elegant.

・Recommended: You need a bag that can stand up for the scene.

・Price: NT$9000-15000.

・US official website offer: Special offer is at least 3,000 yuan cheaper than Taiwan.

・Purchase URL: https://www.zacposen.com/collections/hand-bags


Founded in 1975 in New York, USA, the founder Mr. Charlie Clifford was originally a volunteer of the World Peace Organization. When he was serving in Peru, he was influenced by his culture. Therefore, the name of the Peruvian Sacrifice is TUMI. The original meaning in Peruvian is "Happy." "." The product is made of carefully selected materials, with strong performance and introverted design. It is one of the representative brands of briefcases and computer bags.

・Recommended: You like elegant design and no adventure.

・Price: 6000-25000 NT.

・US official website offer: about 30% off Taiwan's pricing.

・Purchase URL: https://intl.tumi.com/

3.1 Phillip Lim

In 2003, the brand 3.1 Phillip Lim, founded by Chinese designer Lin Nengping, was dubbed as an addictive brand. Most of the package is a classic design, but it allows you to recognize his brand features at a glance. The texture and detail design of the leather goods, the metal fittings on the bag, etc. are all high-grade selections, which make people feel the fineness of the fine products.

・Recommended to: You like the quality of the boutique, but also want to find your own unique brand.

・Price: 15000-40000 yuan or so.

・US official website offer: about 40% off Taiwan's pricing.

・Purchase URL: https://www.31philliplim.com/tw/

Proenza Schouler

It is said to be the plan of the two founders during the student period, taking the surnames of the two mothers as the brand name. Compared to other boutique bags, Proenza Schouler's design is more versatile. The classic messenger bag is a daily essential bag for people to go shopping. The material of the lambskin is very soft, it is the heart of all the leather control, the soft touch is fascinating!

・Recommended: You want to have a versatile bag and pay attention to the texture.

・Price: 30,000-60,000 yuan.

・US official website offer: about 20% off Taiwan's pricing, the official website from time to time to launch a discount of 40% off.

・Purchase URL: https://www.proenzaschouler.com/tw/sets/handbags

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