【amazon Tutorial】2019 the Latest!Teach You How to Master amazon While Your First Purchase (Including Registration and Shopping Process)

by Transbang 2019/09/20

In this biggest global shopping E-commerce platform amazon, you could discover a great amounts of advanced interesting and nice merchandise. You could sit back at home with your finger scrolling and clicking ,then you could shop around the world. Now let's go to find out what intriguing products do they have on amazon.

When you shop on the abroad website, you could easily use Transbang to forward your goods and don't need to reply on any procurement agent. Transbang offer you Japan and the US warehouse address. Put everything you want in the cart, as simple as that!

Step 1.Create your own account.

Click account & lists then you will jump into this viewer as below to ask you sign in if you are already a member; if not then you should click create your amazon account.

Step 2.Fill in your basic information.

Only takes you a few seconds to fill in your name, email, and password to create your own account.

Step 3.Shopping time.

They offer an incredibly wide range of products. I am coincidentally looking for some accessories, I feel I should buy a new watch to remind me of time.

Entering accessory section, you will see hats, wallets, watches and all kinds of stuff from the daily basis, and they even have some international brands that you've rarely heard before.

This is it! Citizen Eco-Drive men watch with stainless strap. Click the button add to cart that you can check later, or if you want to buy it now then you can click pay now.

Step 4 Fill in your recipient's information. 

After you clicked pay now, you will move on to next page to fill in your recipient info, such as name, mailing address and zip code, etc.

The address is split into 2 lines where you feel the space is not enough then you could complete your address in line 2. Remember to use English the whole time.

Step 5. Your name and address.

For your name, you could just check your passport or to look it up on Diplomatic Affairs official website. As for the address, you can translate your address from Chinese to English through Chunghwa Post official website.

Sometimes you will see symbols like 「'」appears in the address, please remove them when you are inputting address on amazon.

Step 6. Fill in your name.

Click button next to move on to next page to choose your preferred shipping method. After you decide, click next again.

Step7. Payment

The next step is choose how you want to pay. You have to provide your credit card number and related information. We suggest you to pay US dollar because it's more cost-effective. Click continue to enter next page.

Step 8. Final confirmation, and input discount code.

If you have any discount code, you could enter it right here on this page. Once you've checked everything is correct then you can hand in your order. 

Awaiting for your package.

After you hand in your order, all you have to do is wait. You will get a system letter from amazon to confirm your order. How come you don't love amazon as it is such a convenient shopping platform.

No more troubles of proxy, Transbang can send your packages directly to you home.

It's easy to shop on America's websites . We provide the best service to you. No worry about missing the parcels. Our CS can solve the problems with your parcels online.

No packing fee for consolidate 10 orders. 

Free shipping insurance is provided for EMS shipping to China as declaration amount is 20,000 yen or below. 

Transbang provide Japan and America parcel forwarding service to your designated address. 

We deliver packages to 233 countries around the world by EMS/AIR /SEA/SAL.

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