【Evaluation】The latest products! The valuation of good-value earphones in 2019: BOSE, SONY, JLab, etc.

by Transbang 2019/09/20

Since AirPods were issued by Apple, different corporations compete for the market of the wireless earphones. People can enjoy listening to music without the traditional earphones. The popular brands, such as BOSE, SONY, JLab, B&O, JVC, BlueAnt, Jabra, and Jaybird, etc. are dedicated to researching and developing. We have collected the relevant information so that you will know which one meets your needs.

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The introduction of wireless earphones

The difference between true wireless earphones and bluetooth headsets 

It’s easy to recognize them. You can see whether there is a connection between the wires from left side and right side. In terms of bluetooth earphones, there is a wire connection between two ears in order to keep the quality of connection. There is not any connection between the wireless earphones. Everyone can be free when using it.

Another difference is when you connect  the true wireless earphones, you should connect with the main earphone first, and then the second one. Therefore, it takes time to connect because there is one more procedure to transmit the signals. The earphones need to be collocated with the charging case to lengthen the using time.

The challenge of true wireless earphones


1.Transmitting the signals longer

As we know, the true wireless earphones should be connected with the main earphone, then the vice one. To balance the ratio between two ears, the manufacturers must lower the speed of the earphones and shorten time of dealing. This makes the delay between bluetooth earphones and equipment. Every manufacturer advance on this.

2.The steady of connection

 It is applicable for bluetooth4.1 and 5.0.

3.The quality of wireless audio

No doubt, the quality is much better than the normal earphones.

This is because when we use bluetooth, the audio we play is encoded into the digital signal(the data will be compressed to transmit) and then it will be transmitted to the main earphone by bluetooth then the vice one. Afterwards, the signals are turned into analog signals. Therefore, you can listen to music from them and it is not the original sound, so it is worse than the headsets with wire.

4.Efficiency of battery

The life of the battery is the weakness of wireless earphones. We can use the true wireless earphones within 3 to 5 hours. The solution is provide the charging case to everyone to keep the earphones.


It depends to the customers needs

How do you choose wireless earphones


After seeing the explanation of advantages and disadvantages, those who would like to buy the wireless earphones can select the favorite one. You have to notice the following points, such as stability,  the quality of audio, control, life of battery, sports protection, comfort, appearance and other special functions, etc. After understanding, you can select the suitable earphones.


Because there are different specifications about bluetooth like the level of chip. However, most of the bluetooth is 4.2 and 5.0. We suggest that you choose 4.2 or 5.0 versions.

2.Quality of sound effect

The sound quality depends on the audio tone of the sound. Within the requested frequency, the harmonic has reached a certain level or not, the amplitude of the same volume is equal or not, and the pitch is correct or not. The larger the diameter of the drive unit is, the better the earphones perform. The earphone units have moving coil type, moving iron type, ring iron type and electrostatic type,etc. The larger the energy required for the larger the unit diameter, the more obvious the change in momentum is like a drum. There is a clear difference among the energy. The snare drum is easy to operate, but the energy required for the large drum area is large.

The article website: 




3.Battery life

Most of the true earphones can be used within 3 to 5 hours. We suggest you choose the one lasts more than 3 hours. (Battery life affects the sound quality ) 

4.Comfort and Stability

Since you have chosen the wireless earphones, they must be easy to take and comfortable to wear and hard to fall. The above points are very important to reference. Although the specification is expensive, you may feel uncomfortable if the earphones are not suitable for your ears.



People always be fond of good-looking things. Therefore, just select what attracts you. 

Evaluation of earphones (the reference is from each manufacturer)


Do you find the favorite earphone after seeing the above introduction?

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