Service Guide - 6 Steps to Keep Your Amazon Packages Safe

by Transbang 2020/05/18

A lost package is the least thing you want to see when online shopping cross-border. To prevent it from happening, you can choose to have someone sign for your packages. In this way, Amazon knows that your valuable parcels need to be signed by the consignee instead of leaving them by the door. 

All you need is Transbang to get what you want! You don't need a purchasing agent to place an oder for you. 

Transbang provides addresses in Japan and in the United States. Just add your favorite items to cart and place an order on Amazon, Transbang can help you send them home!

Let's start with the following steps

Step 1  Log in your Amazon account and go to "Your Addresses"

Step 2  Find "Add delivery instructions" in the last line of the Transbang address.

Step 3  Click on "Add more instructions"

Step 4  Choose "Do we need additional instructions to find this address?"

Step 5  Copy and paste the following sentences:

Please double check the address, deliver to the receiver directly. 

DO NOT leave the package at the front gate & DO NOT leave the package with the neighbors.

Step 6  Press "Save instructions" and it's done

Let TransBang teach you how to buy cheap and no need to worry about fakes!

It is really easy to buy it on the official website of US. Professional and friendly online customer service can help you deal with the parcel problem at any time. Don't worry about buying the goods and losing the package, let the goods go directly to your home!

We provide free centralized packaging, transportation insurance, and send it to 233 countries around the world, professional, convenient, and time-saving TransBang~

Buying goods on the Internet, lacking domestic addresses?

📍 TransBang provide the address, package for your collection.

✈ Support 233 countries/regions transfer.

📦 Provide distribution methods EMS/AIR/ SEA / aviation and other economic

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