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The US warehouse will have a day off on Memorial Day

2023-05-27 01:29:36

The US warehouse and all delivery companies will have one day off on 5/29 Memorial Day(the US time).


Notes on the name of the U.S. transshipment declaration

2023-05-22 02:41:33

Dear members, The U.S. Customs Service is stricter than usual for export parcels. The U.S. Postal Service and FedEx declare that overly general product names such as toy, accessories, goods, etc. will be returned to the warehouse and re-delivered. Regarding whether the shipping fee needs to be paid again, it is necessary to wait for the reply from customs after the re-shipment. Returns may occur in the future, and the shipping fee will not be refunded. Members will need to pay the shipping fee again and then deliver the parcels. Therefore, please create an order and fill in the product name (declaration name) as much detail as possible. The above description is a reference to the recent logistics situation in the United States. We are grateful for your support. Yours sincerely TRANSBANG


JP Warehouse_EMS/SEA Resumption to China

2022-07-28 04:17:40

Dear Transbang members, JP Post will resume accepting EMS/SEA to China on July 29st 2022. Visit JP Post website for detailed information: Please contact our service team if there is any problem about shipping and delivery. Thanks for your support and cooperation.


Japan Post: Delivery by SEA to Ukraine Suspended.

2022-06-23 08:12:09

Dear Transbang members, The Japan Post announced that mail items destined to Ukraine by SEA has been suspended . EMS/AIR remains available. Contact our service team if there are any questions. Click here for more information:


ATTENTION! US-China HAT service termination

2022-02-19 08:40:14

Dear Transbang members, Recently, HAT shipping regulations have been changed several times and got much stricter than usual due to the impact of covid-19 pandemic, which largely affected the shipping time. Therefore, HAT has informed the US warehouse on Feb. 18, 2022 that they no longer provide shipping service. We really appreciate the support from every precious member all this time. Now that HAT terminated their US-China courier service, Transbang is in search of a new shipping choice for our customers. Let’s stay tuned and look forward to a better forwarding experience in the near future together. Please contact our service team for any further questions. Yet again thanks for all your support and cooperation.


About U.S. warehouse transportation of battery products

2021-11-16 02:37:39

Dear Transbang members, The 2021 holiday shopping season is around the corner (Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, etc.). Packages containing “batteries” are sensitive items recently. If you’d like to ship something with batteries inside, it’s suggested you choose FedEx. Due to the strict inspection, USPS may return your parcels WITHOUT giving a refund if there are batteries inside. In this case, one will need to choose another shipping method and pay the shipping fee again. Thanks for your concern and cooperation.


JP warehouse packaging time delay

2020-09-19 23:44:29

Dear Transbang members, The spread of Covid-19 pandemic is still outrageous in Japa . Precautions are taken and realized in the Japan government and Transbang JP warehouse that less staff would be at work at the same time. Hence, the process of packaging would take 3 to 5 days more. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Contact our service team if there is any problem. Thanks for your support and cooperation.


Parcel and registered name (Chinese, English and Katakana) need to be the same

2021-03-11 01:37:59

Dear TRANSBANG members, Thank you for your continued support and attention. In order to speed up the warehouse operation and prevent the illegal and improper uses of our warehouse address, from now on, only the packages under registered accounts and usernames (Chinese, English and Katakana) will be stocked in. Also, to improve the service quality, we will no longer provide services for non-registered users. Services include but not limited to package enquiries, delivery checks, and receipts. Thank you for your support.


Adjustment of parcel delivery during COVID-19 pandemic prevention

2020-07-02 10:25:15

As COVID-19 situation has changed every day, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees, which may contribute to additional delays in processing orders. Please be patient with it. If there are any inquiries, please contact our service team. Thanks for your accordingly.

Scheduled maintenance on Friday, January 13

2023-01-13 02:38:30

Transbang will undergo scheduled maintenance on Friday, January 13, 2023 for approximately one hours starting at 8 a.m. (JST) 9 a.m.(U.S.)
During this time, Transbang service will not be available.

Japan Post Raises Shipping Costs

2022-04-23 03:11:01

Dear Transbang members, A new notice from Japan Post indicates that the international shipping costs will increase from Jun. 1, 2022. For more information will be updated on the page. Transbang suggests our clients inform us to ship your parcels as soon as possible in case there’s any changes in the future. Here’s the link page of calculating shipping costs on Japan Post official website: Thanks for your support and cooperation.