【Tutorial】2019 Latest Registration Tutorial in Japanese on Biggest wholesaler Website- SUPER DELIVERY

by Transbang 2019/09/19

The biggest scale of wholesaler website in Japan- SUPER DELIVERY

You could shop everything like, most trendy garments, fashionable groceries, indoor decors, and daily necessities without charging you for membership.

Everything you see that listed in the Japanese magazines/ Shibuya, Harajuku, Aoyama stylish clothing/ local handmade handicrafts/ safe and sound baby products, you could buy them at a wholesaling price which is 40%-60% lower than what you can find from Japan Amazon and Rakuten. That’s really a steal.

When you shop on the abroad website, you could easily use Transbang to forward your goods and don’t need to reply on any procurement agent. Transbang offer you Japan and the U.S. warehouse address. Put everything you want in the cart, as simple as that!



How do I sign up on SUPERDELIVERY?

It’s easy peasy! All you have to do is to own a business account or an online shop such as Shopee or Yahoo, then you could get to register on SUPERDELIVERY (SD). What’s more, it offers two versions of website- Japan version and international version for you to sign up on.

Wha’t is the difference between them?

As you can see from the above image that there are up to over 88,000 pieces of items which is more than 19,000 items on international website. In terms of tax, you have to pay for 8% of concumption tax on Japan wesite. Therefore, we suggest you figure out what’s the most cost-effective for you and make the best out of it.

I am going to introduce you how to sign up on Japan SD!


Step 1.

Link to SD page via: https://www.superdelivery.com/, click the red button- sign up/ log in in the top right corner.


Step 2.

fill out your e-mail.


Step 3.

check your email and click the link as below image shown.


Step 4.

fill in your basic personal information and select your profession.


Step 5.

input your on-line shop address (it could be Shopee or from any on-line shopping platforms)


Step 6.

fill in information of your shop or business. You have to use Katakana for every piece of information except for name of the shop and contact window.

The following are websites or softwares that we recommend you to use for translation.

Kiragana> katakana convertor   https://goo.gl/BV4L25

Chinese> Japanese convertor   https://goo.gl/RUKKof

English > Japanese translator https://goo.gl/SZJBZr  then convert it into Katakana through https://goo.gl/BV4L25

Step 7.

open Transbang(TSB) home page then log in to get your shipping information. Only your store name you need to convert on your own, but everything else you could copy and paste what we’ve provided. 

If you don’t have address in Japan, welcome to sign up on Transbang website to get mailing address and phone number in both Japan and the States( Click here for TSB registration tutorial).


Step 8.

copy and paste what you’ve just filled again! (Red to red and blue to blue as below pictures shown) Click the button Confirm down below.


Step 9.

double check all of the information you filled in. If all correct then you are good to go.

Step 10.

you could also fill in altogether if you have more than 1 company/ business to accelerate the verification.


Step 11.

check your mail box again, you will receive another new email.



Step 12.

this email is asking you to provide some related documents, you just need to provide one. SD will reply you within 2 working days.

  1. Business license( including business title, address)
  2. Invoice
  3. Business opening form
  4. Confirmation report from last year
  5. Lease agreement


Step 13.

get your documents ready and reply in Japanese.

※Chinese> English address translator:  https://goo.gl/bwgBGP

The first paragraph is greetings which you could copy and paste the below.






(it says: Hi please refer to my documents you required. Thank you.)

The second paragraph:required information:






Closings:greetings, name and contact number:




Step 14.

After you receive SD’s response then you can go set up your ID and password.

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