【Recommendation】2019 US buy bags can not be missed ~Tory Burch, LeSportsac, FOSSIL, Kipling, LONGCHAMP

by Transbang 2019/09/19

With so many brands, each brand has the materials and unique charm that it is good at.

The American brand is often the leading indicator of fashion, and all kinds of bags can be said to be a hundred flowers, and even better, the purchase of the US official website can often buy a super discount price!

Now let's introduce to you what options you can have, and get a list of income pockets!

First take everyone to look at the more affordable brands. If you need different styles of bags to match a variety of occasions or clothing, it is very suitable to consider these rich and diverse brands.

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Tory Burch

Tory Burch

The young brand that was founded about ten years ago has become a representative of young people's fashion because of the collection of Gossip Girl. Also a New York designer's brand, Tory Burch is very good at using bright colors to make the work show youth and energy.

・Recommendation: You will not be rigid in form, flexible and pretty.

・Price: NT$5000-20000.

・US official website offers: There are often various special offers, the spread will be at least NT$3,000 cheaper than Taiwan!

・Purchase URL: https://www.toryburch.com/handbags/



The New York brand, which has been established for nearly 40 years, is not conservative in terms of color and pattern. Made of parachute cloth material, it is also very safe in function. It is both practical and fashionable, and there are many cute patterns filled with girls' hearts. It is often a good choice for many function packs (travel bags, mom bags, etc.). 

・Recommended: You value the practical, but you also like to play with you.

・Price: NT$1500-4500.

・US official website offer: up to 50% off the sale of special items, let you buy the favorite package at half price.

・Purchase URL: https://www.lesportsac.com/



FOSSIL, which everyone is familiar with, was founded in 1984 in Texas, USA. It is a popular lifestyle brand in the world, and leather goods are also their representative products. Elegant and stylish, it often introduces many contemporary vintage works. Although it is a cheap brand, the texture is not lost to the general boutique. 

・Recommended: You like classic style and warm style.

・Price: NT$3,000-10000.

・US official website offer: only about 60% off special items.

・Purchase URL: https://www.fossil.com/us/en/bags.html



Relax, explore, and always have a young heart. This is the brand declaration of the Belgian brand Kipling, which was established in 1987, and hopes to create works that make the world a playground and focus on life and the environment. Therefore, the design uses a lot of colorful colors, and the material also prefers lightweight and durable, durable items. 

・Recommended: You like to explore, like to travel, and like to bring good mood with color.

・Price: NT$5000-20000.

・US official website offer: about 50% off Taiwan's pricing.

・Purchase URL: https://www.kipling-usa.com/



The French brand LONGCHAMP was founded in Paris in 1948 and is known for its top leather craftsmanship and stylish and elegant design. The basic nylon folding bag is a versatile product that can be picked up in several colors. In addition to the exquisite beauty of the bag, in recent years, it has also begun to introduce young and playful styles. 

・Recommended: Appreciate the craftsmanship and value you.

・Price: Around NT$3000-30000 .

・US official website offer: Nieman department store can buy discounted prices.

・Purchase URL: https://www.neimanmarcus.com/

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

New York's affordable designer brand Kate Spade is one of the most popular brands in recent years. Young and lively images and colorful designs are popular among young people. In line with the modern people's pursuit of fashion, but also want to maintain their own style of demand. Designed a variety of bags for a variety of wear, each season has a different new product. 

・Recommended: You like to be full of changes and show different styles.

・Price: NT$4000-15000.

・US official website offer: Special items can enjoy a 3% to 40% off super low price.

・Purchase URL: https://www.katespade.com/handbags/

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